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outback australian photographer and videographer based in northwest nsw

Making Memories To Last a Lifetime and Preserving Your Passion with Intention & Purpose.

Do you think you’re too isolated and that a photographer would never come out your way?

Allow me to make myself clear. I completely understand the way you’re feeling as I myself grew up in an isolated area with a small community. I promise you this, you’re never too isolated for me, and you’re not alone. I have a lust and love for travel, particularly if it means I get to come and hang out with other like minded individuals to create REAL, RAW and GENUINE memories to last a lifetime. Let’s get to know each other, let me help you to understand my why.


Have you been struggling with sourcing and creating engaging content for your socials, website and other platforms within your business?  

It’s a hard game in the industry at the moment, and I hear it all the time. More recently I have had clients reach out about Instagram in particular. Reels. Uhhhhh, do you hear me? Well here is the good news, I actually LOVE creating Reels, and you’re probably thinking, “you’re crazy”, but I honestly love the art of creating them. I would love nothing more than to see your business thrive and to help you generate sales for weeks, months and years to come. Trust me; you’re in the right place. So let’s get the ball rolling shall we?


Any photographer can take you out into a sunlit field and take photos; but can they create an experience that’s real and genuine. Are they someone who understands your way of life, someone you can relate to? 

If you’re somewhere out there in the outback; you’ve grown up in a rural setting, and you feel you would be more comfortable with a photographer who grew up in a similar environment, I am your girl. I understand this remote way of living, and gosh isn’t it remarkable? I know how important a place can be to your heart. I want you to know that I won’t just rock up with a camera and start taking pictures. I want to do more than that for you. I want to create an experience that’s completely, genuinely and wholeheartedly YOU. Your adventure and your way of life, deserves to be documented and remembered for eternity. Please share your story with me and let’s create something keepsake together.


Since the young age of fifteen I have been photographing rural families, events and small start up businesses. So ten years ago I took on my first client, and I have never looked back. The joy that myself and my client received was inevitable. I couldn’t possibly believe that I found what I am so passionate about - and that is helping people through the gift of taking photos and videos. 
From one outback soul to another, I’m here to help you create memories to last a lifetime and preserve your passion with intention & purpose.

but it’s the way of life I love, and I know there would be plenty of others out there who love it just the same.

It has taught me resilience, passion, diversity, honour, forgiveness and so much more. This way of life comes with it many ups and downs,

Being a girl from the bush has taught me a lot of things.

“Her professionalism and creative vision ensure that her clients will always leave with the most beautiful and unique images , above and beyond what hey could have imagined.”

“Sarah has such a warm and friendly nature, she instantly put me at ease in front of the camera."


"I love them!!!! Congratulations, just so stunning - you are so talented. Really beautiful work, thank you”

“Sarah - I have just seen the photos and videos and they are BRILLIANT!!!!!"

Rural Room

“We will forever treasure them!” 

“Sarah thank you so much for capturing these beautiful moments!"

Jess + Jack